New Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Study:

Competitive advantage through DevOps

Google Cloud

Improving speed, quality, and efficiency in the digital world

In the expanding digital landscape, business professionals agree that speed and quality are keys to success. In a recent Harvard Business Review Analytics Services survey, 86% of the 654 respondents said they saw the importance of quickly developing and releasing new software into production. Of these respondents, though, only 10% said they felt that their company is very successful at rapid software development and deployment. That gap gives the competitive advantage to whoever adopts the right approaches.

Check out the report for a closer look at:

  • How DevOps impacts the bottom line, including increased speed to market and product/service quality.
  • How to build a culture that supports DevOps and the attributes shared by top-performing DevOps teams.
  • How to get started, with actionable insights and an implementation blueprint from Google’s head of DevOps practices.