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The Google for Education NEWSLETTER ISSUE XXVIII | April 2020
Three Things to Know
Keep up with the latest news via our YouTube series, EDU in 90. Follow along for episodes on offline mode, Google Meet, and more.
Beginning May 5th, Edu OnAir will launch a new 6-week distance learning series that will feature sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Register for the upcoming series on our Edu OnAir website.
To make it easier for the over 100 million students and educators now using Classroom for distance learning, we’ve integrated Classroom and Meet, putting both tools in one place. Create a Meet directly from Classroom and explore new controls.
Product News
Google has decided to delay the price increase of the Chrome Education Upgrade until January 12, 2021 to support educators, students, and schools during this challenging time. We hope this enables schools to plan and focus on supporting students.
G Suite Super Administrators can request EDU Transformation Reports for their domain from April 20 through May 8. Reports include G Suite product usage data, counts of Google for Education certifications, and results from an optional survey assessing transformation progress.
Teachers now have more control over meetings in Google Meet. Learn more about the new meet features and built-in protections that safeguard student and educator privacy and keep meetings safe.
There are a variety of built-in accessibility features in Chromebooks to customize students’ learning experience and make them even more helpful. Learn more about these tools to explore as you navigate at-home learning for students with disabilities.
Educator Resources
The Teacher Center's new course, Enabling Distance Learning, consists of seven modules designed to support educators that are transitioning to teaching remotely. The modules cover a range of G Suite for Education products.
Check out our new collection of lessons on Applied Digital Skills that will help you teach from anywhere and keep your students engaged while learning remotely. 
Register for "Getting Started with Google for Education" for bite-size video trainings to ease the transition to distance learning. Each lesson takes less than 10 minutes to complete and delivers basic training so you can start using our tools right away.
While you can’t meet students face to face, you can still reach out and check in on their well-being with the same digital tools used for teaching. Explore four creative ways to maintain social & emotional connectedness during distance learning.
You and your students can now explore the world from anywhere with Google Earth. Explore four easy ways you can use Google Earth as a learning tool. 
Extra Credit
Through applications and tools that integrate with Chromebooks and G Suite, our technology partners are enabling teachers and students to deepen learning remotely. Visit the distance learning page on the Chromebook App Hub for an overview of distance learning resources.
Distance learning is new for everyone including families of students now learning virtually. Share this Guardian Guide's to Google Tools Directory to provide more information on how you are using Google's products to teach and learn remotely.
Chromebooks come with built-in accessibility features to help support all learners. We published a Teacher Center training to help educators understand these features to help diverse learners be more successful.
When searching for over 400 STEM concepts, teachers and students will now be able to connect to a more comprehensive learning experience including overviews, worksheets, videos and more. This feature is mobile only with plans to expand to desktop.
You can view and interact with 3D objects right from Search and place them directly into your own space. When you search for select animals, you’ll get a sense of scale and detail in relation to you.
Check out some tips and tricks to use CS First, our online coding curriculum for elementary and middle school students, in a distance learning environment here. If you have your own tips, we'd love to hear them!
Keep your students engaged while taking them on a virtual journey with the new Applied Digital Skills collection to teach essential digital skills by exploring art, historic events, and iconic figures on Google Arts & Culture.
With Rivet’s free reading app, students can now use offline mode to download over 3,500 leveled books and keep reading in areas with limited WiFi access. Download the app for free using Clever on Android or iOS.
This Instructional Change Guide provides school leaders with concrete strategies and models for driving instructional change with Google tools. Google teamed up with The Learning Accelerator to curate actionable examples from stellar schools.
In light of COVID-19 and the need to empower distance learning, our partners at Digital Promise recently published this blog post highlighting the value that Edtech Coaches have been able to provide during these challenging times.