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The Google for Education NEWSLETTER ISSUE XXVII | March 2020
Distance Learning
As illness and other factors prevent students from attending school in-person, educators can leverage G Suite's powerful tools to extend learning to home environments. Find tips and suggestions for addressing distance learning challenges on the Teacher Center.
Educators and IT administrators can use our new resource website to find materials, resources, and training for distance learning.
School admins can quickly and securely prepare their school's Chromebooks to go home with students. Find out how to do so in Google Admin Console and best practices from the Chrome team.
IT Administrators may be preparing schools for remote learning due to COVID-19. We’ve put together a checklist of questions, tools, and Google Admin console settings for preparing Chromebooks for students to use at home.
Three Things to Know
Google has decided to delay the price increase of the Chrome Education Upgrade until January 12, 2021 to support educators, students, and schools during this challenging time. We hope this enables schools to plan and focus on supporting students.
Keep up with the latest episodes of EDU in 90, including Originality Reports, Google's Applied Digital Skills program, and tips for accessible presentations.
Originality reports are now available to all Classroom users. We also launched two new betas: use originality reports in 5 new languages and detect student-to-student matches within your domain. Sign up for the betas today.
Product News
G Suite Super Administrators can request EDU Transformation Reports from April 20 through May 8. Reports include a qualitative survey that assesses transformation progress in your organization, G Suite product usage data, and visibility into Google certification programs. Visit to express interest in this insightful report.
Educator Resources
Getting Started with Google for Education is an 8-week training program that delivers basic product tutorials to your inbox. Lessons take less than 8 minutes to complete and you'll receive a certificate of completion at the end. Sign up today!
With Classcraft’s new Chrome extension, you can experience the motivational benefits of Classcraft directly within Google Classroom. Students can view their progress in real time and make their avatar, team, and background a part of the Classroom interface.
Chauvet Cave in Ardèche (France) has 36,000-year-old prehistoric cave paintings. Closed to the public since its discovery in 1994, but now with Google Arts & Culture you can explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
‘Heritage on the Edge’ looks at the impact of climate change on cultural sites. This Google Arts & Culture project has overviews of the sites, issues, and preservation steps. A resource for history, culture and environmental awareness.
Schools use Rivet, a free reading app, to support students through both in-classroom exercises and at-home activities. With over 3,500 leveled books, word help and real-time pronunciation feedback, Rivet helps students practice with confidence. Available via Clever on Android and iOS today!
Celebrate Women’s History Month with the Explore a Topic: Women’s History lesson from Applied Digital Skills. In this lesson, students research a topic, event, or figure in women’s history, then create a project to share their findings.
Extra Credit
Chromebooks are used for quizzes and assessments globally, using tools like locked mode in Quizzes in Google Forms, and kiosk mode for state exams. Don Johnston and Texthelp apps and extensions work in kiosk mode as well as locked mode.
Want to spend three days with other passionate educators solving a challenge you face in education? Apply to a Google Certified Innovator Academy near you.
Watch our partners at Digital Promise present the research findings from the National Coaching Survey they conducted with Learning Forward. In their latest report, they outline trends and recommendations, including optimizing coach time and securing long-term funding.
DataViz builds easy-to-use data analytics tools on Google Cloud and Data Studio to help educators draw insights from data. The Starter Pack comes with everything schools need to conduct their own data analysis.