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The Google for Education NEWSLETTER ISSUE XXIX | June 2020
Three Things to Know
Discover free technology training and resources for educators of all levels in the new Teacher Center. We’ve updated the Teacher Center with guide pages for our core products, an updated hub of teacher resources, a communities page to connect you to experts and other educators, and more.
For a limited time, receive free professional development, IT, or transformation services when you purchase Chromebooks and Chrome Education Upgrades. Our partners are standing by, ready to support you and your distance learning needs during this unprecedented time.
Want to solve a global challenge in education? Applications are now open for the 2020 Google Certified Innovator Academy, which will be delivered online to a Global Cohort. Apply here before July 10.
Educator Resources
New to Google tools and not sure where to start? Register for our 8-week "Getting Started with Google for Education" email series to receive 10-minute, video-based lessons on the Tuesday of each week. Content is available with subtitles in over 18 languages. Sign up here!
Want to help your students stay engaged and focused while learning at home? Check out the Study Skills & Learning Strategies collection from Applied Digital Skills and encourage your students to practice effective study habits and techniques to prepare for projects, assignments, and tests. 
Many teachers are using Google Classroom for the first time, so be sure to check out "10 things to know to get started with Google Classroom", a step by step guide for getting started with Classroom- including new 101 videos, resources and guides for guardians.
Extra Credit
On May 21st Google celebrated Global Accessibility Day. Learn more about how to make remote learning work for everyone.
For all kids 13-18: Submit to the Design Challenge today! Participants will score an online game dev workshop with other game changers. Clock the entire course to earn a certificate of completion and a new Chromebook!
Access remote reading support with one click now that Rivet’s library is available on the web. Includes 3,500+ free, leveled books across 14 kid-friendly categories and word help on every page in addition to recently added books in Spanish.
Created with home learning in mind, 11 Learn Anywhere lesson plans launched on TES. Flexible enough to use in the classroom or for students to work through on their own, they cover a range of subjects, from Dinosaurs to Bauhaus. 
From low bellows to scathing screeches, the sounds animals make are as diverse as their looks. Science Friday created an interactive quiz on Google Earth that hops you around the world and highlights the many (sometimes surprising) sounds that species make.
See the biomes and wildlife of the African continent up close through 11 different live streams across South Africa, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo supported by
The new Digital Art & Games collection from Applied Digital Skills features 10 at-home lessons to help your students express their creativity and have fun, all while learning digital skills. Students can create a meme with Google Drawings, make a word game in Google Sheets, write an emoji story in Google Docs, and more!
This how-to guide for parents and guardians helps you and your kids get started with CS First, an engaging video-based curriculum that teaches coding through hands-on activities. A great activity to use over summer!
Parents and Guardians can use this Digital Wellbeing Guide to help them spark productive conversations, practice healthy habits, and identify engaging activities with their families.