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Issue X, May 2018
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The New Gmail Is Here
We just announced major improvements to Gmail on the web to help you be more productive in the classroom. It’s more secure and intelligent than ever, and we hope you love it as much as we do. Learn more and test out the new features!

Lessons from Teachers of the Year
To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re launching ‘Lessons from Teachers of the Year’, a video series highlighting insights from the 2018 State Teachers of the Year. Check out the playlist to hear about their most inspirational teachers, where they see the future of education going, and more.

G Suite Enterprise for Education: Now Available
G Suite Enterprise for Education is a new edition of G Suite for Education that offers additional enterprise-grade capabilities designed for large institutions and customized for education. Learn more.

EDU in 90: Don’t Miss an Episode
Check out recent EDU in 90 episodes on Team Drives, Expeditions, and research from the Economist Intelligence Unit. Be sure to subscribe to the Google for Education YouTube channel so you don’t miss an episode!

Teacher Tools

Socratica Provides High-Quality Educational YouTube Videos
Need more high quality educational videos for your classroom? This channel has great videos covering study tips, coding, and a variety of other topics like chemistry and vocabulary! Check out their channel.

Preserving Endangered Wonders of the World
In partnership with CyArk, Google Arts & Culture used technology to preserve heritage under threat. You don't need to be an archaeologist to visit the ‘Open Heritage’ project page to find out how the team created the models and see the 25 models for yourself. Learn more and see the sites.

Expeditions AR Pioneer Program
Bring your lessons to life with Google Expeditions. The Google Expeditions AR Pioneer Program is only running until the end of the school year, so if you haven't yet participated, please sign up!

Chromebook Pilot & Refresh promotions extended over July 31, 2018
Chromebook pilot promotion: US K12 schools who are new to Chromebooks and purchase 30+ Chromebooks and licenses may be eligible to receive a complimentary deployment or PD services.

Chromebook refresh promotion: US K12 schools refreshing 500+ Chromebooks and licenses may be eligible to receive complimentary audits or support hours from Amplified IT, as well as credit for their used devices through the Clover Wireless buyback program.

Administrator's Corner
Oak Park Positivity Project
Oak Park High School in Kansas wanted to make sure their students knew they were valued and were a source of inspiration to the school’s educators. So the teachers and administrators in Oak Park High School published a video - educators across the school film students receiving a message of inspiration from their teachers. This project might just be what you need to perk you up for the last push to the end of the school year.

Posts on Google
From events to videos, showcase and share the latest information about your school by posting it on Google. Posts on Google allows schools to create and curate what content appears when searching for your school on Google. Learn more, and sign up for the schools-only pilot.

Krause Center for Innovation (KCI) launches new PD program
The new KCI Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) program is designed to provide educators with the skills and tools to develop, implement, and manage digital learning programs. This PD training will prepare educators to guide their districts through the transition process of using digital devices and tools, such as Chromebooks and G Suite for Education. To learn more, check out this one-pager.

Tips & Tricks from Educators

Creating Stop Motion in Slides
“I utilize Google Slides frequently to create engaging and sharp graphic publications to communicate information. I have even used Google Slides to publish a children's book. Recently, I have moved into teaching students how to create stop motion with Google slides - creating a series of slides where the images are moved slightly each time in order to design a small animation. This is a very engaging strategy and tool to showcase student learning in a new creative way as they can be done on any curriculum topic. All you do is create your slides, publish to the web, and adjust the timing in the url from delay loop 3,000 to 200. Give it a try!” - Emma Cottier, Saanich School District, (@EmmaCottier)

Saving Time Editing & Grading Papers with Docs
“I love using Google Docs with my classes. Students submit their typed document and then I can offer feedback and editing suggestions line by line if need be, as I correct their work. Students must then work through the document and resolve each suggested edit. For me I feel the time I put into correcting the work is so much more beneficial, as I know that students will actually take the feedback and use it to improve their work, as opposed to when I correct their copies, students merely see the red or green pen additions, maybe read them, but generally just scan the piece and move towards the numerical grade at the end and never really learn anything from all of my corrections!” - Julianne Butler, Colaiste Mhuire Thurles, (@engcmco)

Have a tip to share with other educators? Submit this short form to let us know your best tricks and ideas, and you might be featured in a future Google for Education newsletter or video.

Save the Date

May 18

Become a Google Certified Innovator
Apply to become a Google Certified Innovator and join a community of passionate educators who are designing creative solutions to some of the toughest challenges in education. The application deadline for the Venice california Academy is May 18. Applications will also open soon for Innovator Academies in Madrid, Copenhagen, and Mexico City. Apply now.

July 7th - 10th

Join us at the 2018 Conference to learn about CS First and Machine Learning in the classroom
Google is hosting several events at the 2018 Computer Science Teacher Association’s Conference on July 7-10 in Omaha, Nebraska. Join us for a hands on session and workshops to introduce CS First and Machine Learning in the classroom. Register today for the opportunity to build skills at #CSTA2018.


Quizzes, now part of Google Earth

Time for Some Geo Guessing
Google Earth launched a multiple-choice quiz where you can test your knowledge of places near and far! With the share to Google Classroom link, you can challenge your students to beat your score. Ready to test your knowledge?

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