Google for Education Issue II, 2017

In this issue, learn about content bundles for Chromebooks, new Google Earth Voyager stories, and more.

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This Just In

We’re always looking to highlight great educational content on Chromebooks that can be seamlessly integrated into the classroom, while also fostering skills of the future. Earlier this month, we announced two new content bundles for Chrome: STEM tools and media literacy apps. Learn more about the content bundles here.

Learn from seven districts across the U.S. with our new Impact Portraits. From New York to Indiana to Florida, these districts range in size and demographics, but have one thing in common: they're using Chromebooks and G Suite to drive measurable improvements in everything from reading skills to AP diploma graduation rates. Check out to find all of the Impact Portraits.

Can’t get enough Wonder Woman? Made with Code, Google Play, and CS in Media have launched a new program to inspire teen girls and future wonder women to harness their superpowers through a new coding project. Learn more here.

Teacher's Tools

Digital Citizenship and Safety: Check out our free, interactive online training course for educators in the Google for Education Training Center. You'll learn fundamental lessons of digital citizenship and safety, as well as fun ways to integrate them into your curricula.

Google Earth: We just launched 10 new Google Earth Voyager stories built specifically for the classroom. We collaborated with National Geographic Society, PBS Learning Media, HHMI Biointeractive and Mission Blue to create beautiful, curated Voyager stories which offer students a new perspective on the world.

Expeditions: Coming soon, the Expeditions app for Cardboard and Daydream will offer a self-guided mode so anyone can access more than 600 virtual field trips. Students and teachers will be able to pick an adventure to anywhere—from the Great Barrier Reef to the Great Wall of China—and see details about points of interest highlighted on cards.

Google Classroom Tip: Teaching a different set of classes next year? You can archive your classes and clear up your home page in Google Classroom. Learn more here.

G Suite for Education Tip: Looking for a way to make students more engaged with their reading? Use Google Forms to create a student-curated reading list. Find out how here.

Administrator's Corner

Admins can now control whether users in their G Suite for Education accounts can purchase and manage domains using Google Domains. You will find the On/Off control for this service in the “Additional Google services” portion of your Admin console. You will receive an email to notify you that this control has been introduced as set to “Off” in your account, preventing Google Domains purchase and management for users, until you choose to turn it “On”. Learn more here.

Discover how Google Chromebooks can significantly reduce the cost of deploying and supporting technology in the classroom. Just answer a few questions on the calculator here and download a free, customized IDC white paper that quantifies the benefits of using Chromebooks in the classroom.

Save the Date

July 2017

Become a Google Certified Innovator
Have an interesting idea to help transform education? There are two more Innovation Academies scheduled for this year. We'll be in Stockholm, Sweden on October 4-6 (English language) and in Sao Paulo, Brazil on December 7-8 (Portuguese language). Applications for the Stockholm cohort will open mid-July. Learn more and nominate an innovative educator today.


To help kids learn foundational lessons in digital safety and citizenship in a way that’s fun and immersive, we created an adventure-packed game called Interland. It’s free, web-based and, most importantly, it’s in a format kids already love. In this imaginary world, kids combat hackers, phishers, oversharers and bullies, practicing the skills they need to be good digital citizens.

Check out the accompanying Internet Awesome curriculum and other resources at


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