ESG Economic Value Validation:

Analyzing the economic benefits of Google Cloud Spanner

Google Cloud

A cost comparison between Cloud Spanner, on-prem & other cloud-based relational databases.

Over 80% of businesses currently use or expect to use public cloud-based production databases. To learn more about why they trust cloud-based databases, ESG surveyed customers with on-prem and cloud experience.

What they found was that customers preferred Google Cloud Spanner’s savings and benefits. Cloud Spanner’s total cost of ownership is 78% lower than on-premise databases and 37% lower than other cloud options, and it offers database services with:

  • No hardware, software, or infrastructure investment.
  • Simplified administration.
  • Automated scalability, availability, and agility.

Download ESG’s Economic Value Audit: Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Google Cloud Spanner Relational Database Service to learn more about what experienced customers look for in a cloud-based database and how Cloud Spanner stacks up.