Is your data warehouse ready to support your business innovations? Find out for free.

Google Cloud

Take a free assessment of your data warehouse’s maturity and get your results immediately. Courtesy of TDWI in collaboration with Google Cloud.

Modernizing your data warehouse helps you make smarter decisions, run real-time analytics, and improve business operations, according to research by TDWI. But what does modernization really entail, and how does your current data warehousing strategy measure up?

TDWI’s complimentary data warehouse assessment gathers detailed information about your current warehouse environment to assign you benchmarking scores across several categories and offer customized recommendations for your business. It’s designed to help you:

  • See how well your warehouse manages data diversity, promotes agility, supports analytics, facilitates sharing, and keeps data secure
  • Chart your course to the next phase of your modernization journey with guidance and best practices
  • Compare your data and analytics strategy to those of other businesses in your industry

Ready to get started? Take 15 minutes to answer questions about the platforms, systems, and hardware you use to integrate, manage, and store business data for reporting and analytics. After completing the survey, you’ll get your results right away.